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Formulated according to the latest research in nutritional deficiencies, energy, and performance. Mimi's Miracle Multi has the stuff your body needs for optimal nutrition, vitality, and focus.

Mimi's Miracle Multi is designed to be the ultimate multi vitamin, having the right amounts of those vitamins you are likely deficient in, and adding clinically researched ingredients that provide general health benefits.

"While multivitamins may appear to be an easy panacea, their execution tends to be poor. Focusing too heavily on the “multi” aspect, most tend to have below-optimal dosages of vitamins, tending to focus more on having a plethora of vitamins/minerals present. It is likely more prudent to get a few specific vitamins and minerals in isolation."


Vitamins you are likely underdosing:

Vitamin D3 - We must have vitamin D to properly absorb calcium, as well as for the possible prevention of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases like autoimmune disease and arthritis.

Dosage is important with vitamin D, since we can also get it from being in the sun and people in more sunny/temperate climates will require less than those living in areas with less sun exposure.

A good average dosage amount is 2000 IU per day. People who need more than that can also get vitamin D from cod liver oil and grass-fed meats, especially liver meats, and eggs. RDA 400-800, optimal level is 2000.

Vitamin K1 - The most important role of vitamin K1 is in helping our blood clot. It can also support less inflammation and may protect against obesity and type II diabetes. A good dosage is 1000 mcg per day.

Vitamin K2 - Vitamin K2 is one of the most important nutrients for healthy bones long-term—even more than calcium! It’s been recently found that many people are deficient in vitamin K2 and it could be a contributor to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, supplementing with K2 is important for heart and brain health and can even help with athletic performance.

Folic Acid - (Vitamin B9) Folic acid is widely regarded as an essential vitamin supplement that aids in several key areas of health, including treating low levels of folate in the blood, helping the bowel to absorb nutrients, as well as to help prevent certain types of cancer and memory loss and Alzheimers.

Vitamin B12 - The B vitamins are important for many things in the body, and vitamin B12 benefits our energy levels, memory, mood, digestion, heart, adrenal health, hormone balance, and more.

Vitamin B12 is found only in animal foods, so vegans and vegetarians definitely need to supplement with it, but everyone is at risk of not absorbing enough from our modern foods. The best way to take vitamin B12 is as a mix of both methylcobalamin (80%) and adenosylcobalamin (20%) at 2500 mcg total, which is the breakdown used in Mimi's Miracle Multi.

Iodine - We need iodine for development of the central nervous system and to keep the thyroid working properly; it helps convert the hormone TSH to the hormones T3 and T4. It’s also important for preventing the symptoms of iodine deficiency, such as goiter.

Iron - Chances are you know someone who has dealt with iron deficiency anemia. It’s the most common form of anemia worldwide! Iron is important for transporting oxygen in the blood and blood production, so not getting enough can have big consequences over time. Too much iron can be toxic, so careful dosage in a supplement is important.

EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority) have deemed an average iron requirement (AR) for adult men to by 6 mg/day. Women, 16 mg/day.

Zinc - As a trace mineral we only need a small amount of zinc, but it’s essential for our health. It helps with growth, repair, and balancing of hormones, supports immunity, fights free radical damage, and helps with muscle growth and repair.

Vitamin like substances that are not necessary, but super helpful:


As an amino acid derivative, l-carnitine benefits mitochondrial function of the cells. It can help with everything from disease prevention and healthy aging to better oxygen supply to the muscles, more alertness, and improved recovery after exercise.

Chromium GTF

Chromium is a mineral that is required by the body in small amounts. But research has also shown that when people supplement with Chromium GTF, it helps with weight management, blood sugar control, and lowers cholesterol! So while you don't technically need to supplement with it, when you do, you're body will thank you.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10 stands for Coenzyme Q10. It’s found in every cell of our bodies and is used to make energy for the body’s growth and maintenance. CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from internal damage.

It can also help manage health conditions like high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and heart arrhythmias and can help prevention and treatment of inflammation-related conditions like diabetes, breast cancer, and viruses. CoQ10 is a great complement to your supplement routine.


Has been shown to aid with metabolic syndrome, and is beneficial for brain function.


Cholinergics are compounds and nootropics that raise the amount of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine or choline, a precursor to acetylcholine, in the brain. Both are beneficial for supporting cognitive function, better memory, and optimal brain development. Traditional multivitamins don’t include compounds like cholinergics, making Mimi’s Miracle Multis extra beneficial for overall wellness.


It appears to have potentially cognitive enhancing properties, and is synergistic with Fish Oil. Uridine is another nootropic the can help boost memory, learning, and overall health and wellness.

Supplementation with uridine can help improve these areas, as it helps increase RNA levels, which are necessary for forming memories. It also boosts dopamine, a neurotransmitter that influences motivation and mood, in the brain and may be helpful in the treatment of bipolar disorder and depression.


A powerful antioxidant, it is thought to protect the body against risk from cancer and heart disease.


Maca root is an amazing plant! Not only is it high in fiber and nutrients, it helps balance hormones, sexual function in both men and women, and energy levels and increases fertility and stamina. This is a great supplement addition for dealing with daily stressors, including job stress or yearly illness.

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