"Best EVER. I am highly sensitive and reactive to many of the ingredients in most protein powders. My trainer suggested Genepro and I have not had one issue!"

- Susan R., GenePro Customer

Musclegen Performance Nutrition GENEPRO Medical Grade Protein - 28 Servings

Musclegen Performance Nutrition GENEPRO Medical Grade Protein - 28 Servings

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  • Established in 2009
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Gene Pro is unlike any protein powder you have used before. The patented formula allows it to be more efficient, you need 1/3 the amount of traditional protein powder to get the same benefit!

This means you can say goodbye to bloating, for starters. Then, at 99.99% absorbency, you can count on maximum usefulness, and for the protein to hit your bodies systems quickly, maximizing your workouts.

And it gets better! With almost no taste, you can easily mix it into any beverage, even adding it to your kids cereal milk, helping those often protein deprived young'uns get a healthy protein drink without even knowing it. 

Particularly appreciated by those with sensitivities like gluten or lactose intolerance.

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Benefit from protein supplementation regardless of activity levels, digestion issues or taste preference.

GENEPRO Micronized Protein is formulated in a way to mitigate gastric distress typically related to other whey protein products and is perfect for anyone looking to add pure protein to their diet.

When you are looking for protein supplements to improve your health, you want a product you can trust to be safe and effective. At MuscleGen Research, they engaged in extensive government-monitored research in order to bring you the safest, most results-oriented products on the market. Bar none. GENEPRO products are perfect for everyday people like you. There is no need to be a gym rat or a marathon runner to benefit from this premium protein supplement.

Add protein to any meal or drink without changing the flavor or getting clumps.

GenePro makes getting protein in any meal (even a salad!) a cynch.

GenePro is highly mixable and does not result in a change in consistency when added to food. It is flavorless and odorless due the the extremely small chains of amino acids it contains- peptides only 7-10 amino acids in length enable the powder to be practically undetectable to your taste buds. It also mixes much more easily than chunky whey protein supplements. No more sticky, chunky protein shakes!

Feel the effects of true protein absorption

From clinical trials, GenePro shows a 97.8% ABSORBENCY compared to 31% for regular Whey Protein. They remove bacteria and impurities in the base protein, bypassing the intestinal digestive system by 94% and thus allow almost immediate absorption. It is protein powder in its finest form.


Take one serving per day to get the correct amount of protein or as prescribed by your health care provider.

These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Q. How was this protein pasteurized? Is it NON-denatured?

A. GenePro is not pasteurized or denatured.

Q. Is this Kosher?

A. The ingredients individually are all Kosher certified. However, our fulfillment center has not yet finished the Kosher certification process. 

Q. How is this better than the original one?

A.  With Genepro, 3rd Gen, we have refined the protein by using a patented and clinically proven plasma treatment process that allows the protein to be absorbed in the body by over 99% (that means that less than 1% of the protein goes to waste). 


The supplement facts changed to reflect the weight or volume of each scoop, not how effective it is. One scoop of Genepro is the equivalent of 33g of regular whey protein. We must look beyond weight and look at the body’s usability ratio. If your average whey protein absorbs at 34% and the scoop is 24g, that’s less than 9g of usable protein. With Genepro even though the scoop is 11g, it is still 3x more effective than traditional whey. 

Q. What’s the protein count on this?

A. One scoop is EQUIVALENT TO 30g of protein, in the way protein powder is generally absorbed in the body. We must look beyond weight and look at the body’s usability ratio. When your average whey protein absorbs at 34% and the scoop is 24g, that’s less than 9g of absorbable protein. With Genepro, even though the scoop is 11g, it is still 3x more effective than traditional whey, as it is over 99% absorbable. 

Q. Is this still veteran owned or sold to a corporation?

A. Genepro Protein (brand: Musclegen Research) is owned by United States veterans.

Q.Could this be used for baking or will it destroy its benefits?

A. Genepro Protein Powder can be baked, stirred, simmered, and the likes, for up to 20 minutes, not to exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit, without losing its nutritional value.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nathan Sauvola
Pure protein

Taste and feels and looks like the real stuff. Actually taste good, not artificial and the body seems to absorb it quite well. Overall it feels like it works how it should. Not a one day miricle. Nothing is but I believe that when used daily it does what they say. Took at least a couple weeks for me to notice but then right away you notice it working when you drink it like it's good for the bones, muscle and everything. When I first started taking it wasn't long before I got the crapper then a few days and had nice big dumps. What's not to like about that? 🙂

Austin Sherwin (American Fork, US)
So convenient and versatile

My wife and I love this stuff! It's so nice to be able to get protein with any meal, and not have to choke down clumpy whey shakes. Put it my green smoothies, and sometimes even just on a lunch salad. Love that it's tasteless.

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