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Based on 175 reviews
Eat Anything

I’ve had digestive issues for over 20 years. I’ve tried every medication, supplement and alternative medicine I could find with minimal improvement, if anything. Then I found ear Eat Anything and it has absolutely made a difference! I take it before meals , 1 capsule is all I need. I still watch my diet but I am better!!! Highly recommend.


Just started sunday july 28

Cell fuel

We all need mineral supplementation. I use Cell Fuel as my primary source. Bioavailable, with oxygen. Love it!

Great product

Works good for me. Would just like to know where I could find list of foods to eat for the 800 and 1200 foods on website. Can you help me please??

Recieved wrong product amount but Customer Service remedied that

I originally purchased the 60 capsule product but was sent the 30 capsule one instead. When I called CS they offered to correct it and send my the 60 capsule one. I was very satisfied with their solution and will be buying from them again.

Wonderful elixir

First time using your product. Have notice it has given me a greater night sleep. So important
Thank you

Can take full strength without a problem.

Sometimes there just isn't enough time to mix a supplement with water, and I just need to take it full strength under the tongue. Especially, if I am driving, or otherwise away from a source of water. This product works fine under the tongue, and, there is no ill effects or burning mouth, etc., afterwards.

Need lite version without prebiotics

Prebiotics is a Fibre that cause bloating and gas issues!

Seems to be working well for joint pain

I have been taking various brands of turmeric/curcumin for quite a while, with great results. Having tried this, I have been doing even better. I credit the Mimi's Miracle Turmeric with this improvement, I think. The pain does fluctuate over time, but this seems to be more than a coincidence.

Mimi's miracle Glutathione spray

I absolutely love this product and I highly recommend it!!!! It helps me feel great and I have amazing energy. I have even list some of my weight , since taking this product!! It really works!!!!

Just okay, no miracles

This did not do anything different than any other brand....I’m still bloated. I even went through two full bottles, see zero difference. They may be doing something but nothing noticeable for me. They’re on par with other enzymes, nothing miraculous that deflated my bloating overnight like I’d hoped.

Dirobi Pounds and Inches Drops™ | For Rapid Weight Loss and Fat Burn

These seem to work

I decided to switch brands just to try something new. I can’t say I feel better or worse from the other brand I was using. So I think these are doing something. I’ll try another bottle and keep it going. I like the idea that they digest “anything”!

A Product you can Trust

Though I am no scientist who could readily check the vitality of a vendor’s product claims, I have grown to trust Mimi’s products, except that squirt bottles sometimes do not last as long as the product inside the bottle, which is when I then have to rearrange squirters or fluid to make sure I have a working set.

Works great for me!!

I was to the point that I could not hardly eat anything without feeling sick. I have fructose and lactose intolerance. One night when I was VERY sick, out of desperation, I searched the internet for something to help me. So I took a chance and ordered Eat Everything has been great. I do still watch my diet while eating at home, but it is wonderful when I go places that I don't have to worry what is on the menu or what is being served. I can order most anything I want when using this product. THANK YOU!!!

Eat Anything RX

This product really has helped with my gas issues and bloating. I started to see a real difference and then the bottle was empty! I will be ordering again.

Miracle capsule!

I had a lots of gastro problem in a past..tried tons of stuff..none of them worked...and I saw this one...and I tought if none of the doctor could not help me. And they soo expensive wht do not try this and see...I am glad I did..Finally I feel bloating after 4 years of hell! I only can recommended this Miracle caps for everyone who has leaky gut problem!

one pill instead of four - simplified my regimen and works better than all of them

Had one general enzyme formula, another for gluten and dairy and another two for veggies. Yikes and it still did not work entirely. Much better results with Eat Anything. Unfortunately, I learned that I am sensitive to all the cellulose products that supplements are packed in and with. Scientists have now found it causes colitis.

Dirobi products

I have been using Ponds and Inches drops everyday for two weeks. I have lost three pounds, however, I did not follow the restrictive diet as posted. I did do a 1200 calorie or less diet, but my lifestyle just didn’t allow me to do all restrictions. The drops are very easy and taste good. I may have lost more pounds with the restrictions (i.e. no sugar, butter, alcohol, etc) but I’m OK that at least I got started. I need to say I only hoped to lose a total of 10 pounds to begin. I also started on the Eat Anything pills and I will say they have helped a little with my bloating and gas issues.

Best Enzyme Supplement I’ve Used

I’ve tried several different enzyme supplements within the last several months including Garden of Life, Enriching Gifts, Usana and Dirobi and keep coming back to Dirobi. It does the best job for me at keeping my stomach and bowels calm, especially after a heavy meal. Some of the others actually irritated my bowels and didn’t help my stomach feel as settled and comfortable as Dirobi. And as long as I take eat anything rx with dinner, I don’t get acid reflux in the middle of the night.

Eat Anything RX® (30 CT)


I used to use Cell Food, for years. Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel seems to give me the same benefit & is more economical.

Follow the Protocol

These drops work, but you have to work as well. You have to follow the diet protocol (see "resources") in conjuction with the drops. If you do you will absolutely get amazing results and feel energized rather than depleted as you would through the rapid weight loss if you didn't use the drops.

Eat anything


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