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Pounds and Inches Drops by Dirobi™ | For Weight Loss

Mimi's Minerals

My first bottle was broken in shipment. Dirobi quickly sent a replacement bottle and we are enjoying our health with these added minerals!! Thank you :)

Eat Anything RX® (60 Capsules)

Eat Anything RX® (60 Capsules)

Eat Anything RX® (60 Capsules)
They Work For Me

I have been using the Eat Anything RX for a few months now and I do see a difference when I take them. About a year and a half ago I started having problems with horrible bloating. I was eating very healthy but was bloating up 5-8 lbs every day. My doctor said it was partially due to the dreaded Menopause and then I was diagnosed with diverticulosis last July. After trying the FODMAP elimination diet I realized I do not metabolize fructose and fructans well. I had to totally overhaul my already healthy eating habits. I tried so many probiotics with not much luck and then did more research on digestive enzymes and found the Eat Anything RX. They definitely make a difference for me. Due to the price I don't use them at every meal, but only for my bigger meals that contain larger portions of fruit and whole Grains. These pills even allow me to eat a few pieces of thin crust veggie pizza without bloating up like a balloon. Since changing my fodmap consumption and using these pills I have lost 7 lbs and it was mostly tummy bloat.

the best product

I am from Romania and I have used similar products made in Europe.
Nothing compares to this product is the best I really eat any. I want to know what is the maximum daily administration limit.

Very good product

Makes sense to have so many trace minerals in a bottle.

Best stuff ever

Best stuff ever

Helps fructose malabsorption symptoms

I can eat anything for real with this enzyme even though I've had Fructose Malabsorption for many years. Never worry when I eat out, as I take this and don't give it another thought.


My dogs and I were hugely exposed to the poison herbicide GLYPHOSATE (Roundup and all weed killers) in 2018. My skin burns. My brain burns. We have all taken these minerals since as part of trying to rid our bodies of this hideous product. NO ONE SHOULD USE CHEMICAL WEEDKILLERS WITH GLYPHOSATE! It causes much more than cancer!
I will always take these minerals!

Mimi's Miracle Minerals™ (4oz. Bottle)

Excellent Product

I have used this product for over a year now. Makes a huge difference with my IBS/Fructose Malabsorption.

This works helps so much!!

I've only been using this for a day(3 xs a day) but it's actually helped my asthma more than my medicine! I have also been able to walk farther longer legs don't ache. I will continue to take this to see if it helps my diabetes numbers and non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Will be trying other products too....i love coloidal silver and see that you have that as well!! Oh yeah, this is sooo easy to take and tastes great!!

Nutrition at it's best!

Easy to use and effective product! The whole family can experience the nourishment...from parents to children even pets and plants!

Eat Anything

I’ve had digestive issues for over 20 years. I’ve tried every medication, supplement and alternative medicine I could find with minimal improvement, if anything. Then I found ear Eat Anything and it has absolutely made a difference! I take it before meals , 1 capsule is all I need. I still watch my diet but I am better!!! Highly recommend.

Pounds and Inches Drops by Dirobi™ (2 Bottles)

Just started sunday july 28

Cell Fuel - Misprint
Cell fuel

We all need mineral supplementation. I use Cell Fuel as my primary source. Bioavailable, with oxygen. Love it!

Great product

Works good for me. Would just like to know where I could find list of foods to eat for the 800 and 1200 foods on website. Can you help me please??

Recieved wrong product amount but Customer Service remedied that

I originally purchased the 60 capsule product but was sent the 30 capsule one instead. When I called CS they offered to correct it and send my the 60 capsule one. I was very satisfied with their solution and will be buying from them again.

Cell Fuel - Misprint
Wonderful elixir

First time using your product. Have notice it has given me a greater night sleep. So important
Thank you

Can take full strength without a problem.

Sometimes there just isn't enough time to mix a supplement with water, and I just need to take it full strength under the tongue. Especially, if I am driving, or otherwise away from a source of water. This product works fine under the tongue, and, there is no ill effects or burning mouth, etc., afterwards.

Need lite version without prebiotics

Prebiotics is a Fibre that cause bloating and gas issues!

Seems to be working well for joint pain

I have been taking various brands of turmeric/curcumin for quite a while, with great results. Having tried this, I have been doing even better. I credit the Mimi's Miracle Turmeric with this improvement, I think. The pain does fluctuate over time, but this seems to be more than a coincidence.

Mimi's miracle Glutathione spray

I absolutely love this product and I highly recommend it!!!! It helps me feel great and I have amazing energy. I have even list some of my weight , since taking this product!! It really works!!!!

Eat Anything RX® (60 Capsules)
Just okay, no miracles

This did not do anything different than any other brand....I’m still bloated. I even went through two full bottles, see zero difference. They may be doing something but nothing noticeable for me. They’re on par with other enzymes, nothing miraculous that deflated my bloating overnight like I’d hoped.

Dirobi Pounds and Inches Drops™ | For Rapid Weight Loss and Fat Burn

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