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Eat Anything RX®
Amy Gonzales
I like it

This was recommended by my doctor as I was experiencing skin issues from not breaking down certain sugars that were in fruit. I believe this is helping but truthfully I have not been eating much fruit because I don't know the amount of enzymes I should be taking for the amount of fruit I'm eating. I will keep purchasing because it's worth it not to have those issues.

Eat Anything RX®
PJ91563 Janizel Macedo

Eat Anything RX®

Lost 10 lbs so far!

The drops taste great and seem to be working!

Eat Anything RX®
Denise Hubert
Can't Eat Without It

Eat Anything RX allows me to eat. I have fructose malabsorption which simply means I can't eat fructose . . . any fruit, most vegetables, and forget about desserts. I also have fructan intolerance which means no onions, celery, garlic or wheat, so no BREAD. Tough to have a sandwich without bread, or eggs without toast. This enzyme allows me to eat more of these foods. I can now have toast with my eggs and some veggies at dinner. Eat Anything can't eliminate my problem -- nothing can -- but it sure helps me to enjoy some ice cream. !!!

Not as good as hcg

Thought this would work as good as hcg but it doesn't.

IBS solution

While IBS can be multi- factorial, my main issue is fructose intolerance. I have it for more than 25 years. GAfter stumbled upon Xylose isomerase on the internet, I was searching for solution. Then I found eat anything capsules. I take 3 x daily. I used to have loose stool every day. Now I have firm stools once or twice daily. I am not fearful of going to places now. It is definitely a game changer

Happy Tummy

Eat Anything Rx has proven to be very effective for my SIBO over four years. I love it and have a happy tummy with this product.

Amazing Product !

This has helped so much with eating really anything. I dont have the discomfort I used to and can really eat all I want now. Amazing Product ! Thanks

Focus up think drink

Great stuff. Good tasting. Keeps me focused and less anxious.

Easy and Pleasant to Use

This is pleasant tasting and easy to use. I am trying to take more nutrients sublingually due to digestive issues. I had used Mimi's Minerals in the past and immediately thought of them. It is hard to know how much they are helping because a lot is going on, but I trust they are really being of benefit. I find myself feeling dehydrated less and presume it is partly because I am getting more minerals into my system. Thank you.

Mimi's Miracle Minerals™
Timothy Hartmann
Great Product

Ordered the Fulvic acid off of Amazon. Product came in a timely fashion and I am satisfied with the quality of the product. Even received a free smaller bottle for ordering with them Thank you Dirobi!

Eat Anything RX®
Karen Richards
Seriously get this product

This is a super high quality product with a low price. I will order over and over

Eat Anything RX®
margaret saunders
fructose malabsorption

It appears that no longer can I eat fruit or tomatoes, so I assume that my body no longer handles fructose properly. This product does help somewhat so that one or two bites seem to agree ok, but I can not push past that limit unfortunately.

Mimi's Miracle Minerals

I love this product! It saved me from chronic dehydration!

trace minerals

good source of trace minerals

Great product!

Love this company!

Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™
Christine Livingston

Great way to try new things. My doctor, Dr Petropulos in Centennial, CO tested it for my use and felt a great product.

Great product

I have been taking this for three months now and have noticed a difference in my skin and have new hair growth! I am excited to see what happens over the next few months.

Eat Anything RX®
Stephanie Meyer
Great Service

Love the product we chose! It works so well and the option for a freebie through Dirobi was amazing! Super simple to do and fast shipping too!

Good Stuff!

I've used these products for years. I found this company, when I was using another cell oxygen product, but it was very expensive. I tried the Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel, and found that it did the same for me, but it was more economical. I have more energy when I use Mimi's Miracle cell fuel! Then I started using the Fulvic Acid too. These are good products!

Too soon to tell

It tastes good - 1 month is too soon to give a review although they asked for one, so that's my feedback.

Love this product

Pounds and inches really works! I had to try other diet drops when this one was unavailable. It didn’t work. I like pounds and inches so much I I have it on subscribe and save.

Works Great

I bought the POUNDS & INCHES DROPS and the product if followed works great.

Mimi's Miracle Turmeric™
Stephanie McCurley
Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric

I purchased this item for my husband with chronic back pain and he reports that his pain has lessened. I will be reordering.

This works!!!

I’ve been following the diet and using the drops and dropping the pounds!!

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