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Recent Reviews

Based on 299 reviews
Awesome stuff

My gf with fibromyalgia started taking about a month ago .. she is having less pain and is able to be more active on a daily basis. Will get more for my mom who also has chronic pain

Eat Anything RX®
J. Colbert
Finally feeling better

My husband has been struggling with IBS-C pain and bloat for several years. Tests revealed nothing. A combination of 4 different prescription and OTC meds helped slightly, but had side effects. Many, many supplements and enzymes were tried, and often made things worse! A strict low FODMAP diet helps some, but is hard to maintain and easy to mess up.
After figuring out it was the high-fructose/high-fructan foods he was reacting to worst, I found these enzymes with xylose isomerase. This is the first time he's gone a week pain-free in years! We still have to be careful, but as long as he takes an enzyme with every low-FODMAP meal (and two with something questionable), he stays regular with no more bloat or symptoms at all.

Great investment you

Works so easy and a good taste

Mimis Miracle Minerals

seriously rock. I've been taking these for years ... actually our whole household takes them. Every day. In every gallon of structured water (at least one a day). We are healthy, happy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I have a pretty restricted diet and a sensitive stomach. I take this once a week in order to eat some fruit. I certainly can't eat anything but I am very happy to be able to get a treat once a week.

Mimi's Miracle Multi. Multivitamin - Eliminate Deficiencies, Boost Energy & Enhance Well Being

Eat Anything RX®


I like it

I think it is giving me more energy

Les' review

Thumbs up!

Eat Anything RX®
Julie Gill
Great to get a free product

The Dirobi pills help my husband so that he can eat many foods which would otherwise cause gastric problems. It is great to get some free

Eat Anything RX®
Susan Asack
No more food allergies for me

Wheat & High Fructose ingredients always caused me problems. Eat Everything resolved my issues!

Good natural regimen

Essential defense against COVID virus and spiked protein shedding from the vaccinated.

Oxygen and Mineral Supplement

This is my second bottle. I will continue to use.

Great product

I just love this product.

Eat Anything RX®
Maria de Jesus Trejo

I love it

Eat Anything RX®
Amy Gonzales
I like it

This was recommended by my doctor as I was experiencing skin issues from not breaking down certain sugars that were in fruit. I believe this is helping but truthfully I have not been eating much fruit because I don't know the amount of enzymes I should be taking for the amount of fruit I'm eating. I will keep purchasing because it's worth it not to have those issues.

Eat Anything RX®
PJ91563 Janizel Macedo

Eat Anything RX®

Lost 10 lbs so far!

The drops taste great and seem to be working!

Eat Anything RX®
Denise Hubert
Can't Eat Without It

Eat Anything RX allows me to eat. I have fructose malabsorption which simply means I can't eat fructose . . . any fruit, most vegetables, and forget about desserts. I also have fructan intolerance which means no onions, celery, garlic or wheat, so no BREAD. Tough to have a sandwich without bread, or eggs without toast. This enzyme allows me to eat more of these foods. I can now have toast with my eggs and some veggies at dinner. Eat Anything can't eliminate my problem -- nothing can -- but it sure helps me to enjoy some ice cream. !!!

Not as good as hcg

Thought this would work as good as hcg but it doesn't.

IBS solution

While IBS can be multi- factorial, my main issue is fructose intolerance. I have it for more than 25 years. GAfter stumbled upon Xylose isomerase on the internet, I was searching for solution. Then I found eat anything capsules. I take 3 x daily. I used to have loose stool every day. Now I have firm stools once or twice daily. I am not fearful of going to places now. It is definitely a game changer

Happy Tummy

Eat Anything Rx has proven to be very effective for my SIBO over four years. I love it and have a happy tummy with this product.

Amazing Product !

This has helped so much with eating really anything. I dont have the discomfort I used to and can really eat all I want now. Amazing Product ! Thanks

Focus up think drink

Great stuff. Good tasting. Keeps me focused and less anxious.

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