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Based on 237 reviews
eat anything helps digestion

taking one or two before meals helps digestion, gas etc
glad that available in a bigger bottle.
other ones on amazon did not seem to help as well

I am new customer and I tried the trace mineral which really stopped the aches and stiffness in my hands and back. Tried the turmeric and my knee pain subsided. Thank you

Mimi's Miracle Minerals™ - every mineral your body needs

Been using every single day for years - I'm 62 now and feeling as strong as ever.

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Great freebie from dirobi

I’m a big fan of Eat Anything supplements so can’t tell you how happy I was to receive a free shipment of this product!



Great company!

Great stuff & awesome customer service!!

Glutathione is important!

Glutathione really does make me feel better. I too often forget to take it in the spray form. I plan to see if you still make the powder in a packet form, that you add to water. It was easy to take, tasted good and kept me up with my water intake. I like this company very much. I have been happy with their business approach.

Mimi’s Miracle Multi

Confident this Multi covers the areas more commonly deficient in. For sure, eating healthy meals, plenty of hydration and SUPPLEMENTING areas most everyone is deficient in and moderate exercise. Feeling pretty good!!

To good to be true

I was very disappointed, lost 5 lbs first week and a total of 9 lbs in a month. I followed the program exactly

One Day at a Time

So far I am very happy with the drops. I like the taste and it does help curb my appetite. Seen very little weight loss which is fine. I just need to focus on one day at a time.

Seems to be helpinp!

I bought this enzyme as I cannot digest fructose. Eg: bananas, anything with hi fructose in the ingredients etc. So very limited in my intake of fruits and carbohydrates derived from fruits and veg. This enzyme seems to have reduced the gases my gut produces when fed fructose to a manageable level but not entirely.

Excellent Product

This is by far the BEST mineral supplement product on the market today!

Working great!

Didn’t think I would need the Eat Anything Rx as I didn’t experience unusual digestion discomfort but after taking it as advised, NO digestion discomfort ever! Will continue taking them as suggested. P.S. After reading some reviews, I hear A LOT about GI digestion issues. My comment: I have been working with Functional Medical doctor vs Traditional Doctor (which for years NEVER resolved my health issues. Just bandaided me). What a life changing difference working with a Functional Doctor.
Also, learned such vital information from a program called “Autoimmune Answers”, narrated by Johnathan Otto.

seems to be providing some benefits

I started taking this product after seeing a video of Dr Shallenberger interviewing Dr Minkoff who created this product. There are supposedly many benefits from taking these aminos, including improvements in hair/skin, endurance, mood, digestion, bone density, and muscle mass. I am a senior citizen and have been slowly losing weight/muscle for the past 6 years. I decided to try this product and have been taking it for several months. I noticed that I have gained about 8 pounds since taking this. I cannot definitively say if the weight gain was pure muscle from the aminos, but since this is the first time in many years I was able to gain significant weight, I will continue to take this product.

I have noticed more energy and feel like these supplements are helping my health.

wonderful stuff

wonderful stuff, increased energy. plan on getting more

Best Multi Vitamin!

This multi vitamin works miracle for me.! I’ve been dealing with canker sore due to low on vitamin B12 and folic acid. When I saw I this i was kinda skeptical If I should try it or not. I’m glad I ordered it because on the first day I used it, I felt the difference right away and my canker sore healed really fast. I don’t have to deal with not being able to eat because of soreness on my tongue. This vitamin also gives me energy all day! I will continue to buy this even though it’s pricey.

Great enzymes!

I actually can feel the difference when I take them and not when I eat heavy meals at night, recommend this great enzyme if you like to go out to dinner often at night!

Pain Mitigation

Purchased product for wife's hip issues. Her mobility increased and her pain level decreased significantly after 3 weeks.

Super Supplement!

Super Supplement!

My doctor has had me on this for nearly 3 years. That speaks for itself!

Great product

Tasteless and I love it!

Pounds and Inches Drops

So far, so good. Week by week a little less weight. At first it was just “not gaining more weight”. Making healthy choices when eating & incorporated mild exercise. Committed to taking the Pounds and Inches Drops religiously.

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