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Great company with Great products

I had a great experience with Dirobi both with them fulfilling the order in a timely and quality way but also with their great product. I would absolutely purchase from them again and again.

Doing well!

I use it along with the Noom diet. It helps me especially during the holidays.

Mimi miracle

I love this product I use it 2-3 times a day. I notice when I don’t I am focused with it! More smooth energy. It does everything they promise!

My life saver

When my family contacted COVID a month ago, I was taking Mimi’s Glutathione Spray every day. My husband was very skeptical if it would work, so he didn’t take it. But I WAS. And, guess what who got out of COVID faster? ME!
I am still taking the spray every day because it gives a lot of energy! Thank you Mimi’s!

Mimi's Miracle Multi. Multivitamin - Eliminate Deficiencies, Boost Energy & Enhance Well Being

Best on the market

It's not only the cheapest way to get consistent greens & reds, but also the easiest way to keep up the habit. I feel a boost of energy I didn't have last month.

Love It

Trying to save muscle as I age. This curbs my hunger, acts as insurance saving muscle loss. Intermittent fasting is easier

Miracle Glutathione

This has helped with my son absorbing his fish oil properly! He doesn’t smell fishy anymore.

Pounds and Inches Drops by Dirobi™ | For Weight Loss

Wonderful digestive enzymes

Love your products, just wish the digestive enzymes were a bit less expensive :)

Wouldn’t be without it!
Thank you Dirobi.

Freebie - Pick one (1) product you would like to get for free (Amazon order ID will be checked to verify purchase)
Leata Rich
Good Stuff!

I wanted to try one of your products, that I had never tried. When you offered me a freebie, I was able to get it. I love all of your products! I never go a day without having your Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel. I am 71 years old, but feel much younger, when I am using this.

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet
Carolyn Floyd

I thank it is great I have lost 15 lbs but I’m not finished yet my goal is to loose 20 more 🙏🏾

On the third bottle and have seen no change will stop to taking

Hi Thomas,
Thanks so much for your honest review! It sounds like for the past few months you might have had some success, but then ending up on a plateau, which is common! One option you might want to consider is reaching out to our Certified Nutrition Coach, Dave Sherwin. You can schedule a free consultation at the bottom of the home page found on Dirobi.com! Dave has had a lot of success helping people reach their goals and overcome those plateaus!

Dirobi undiet booklet

Very well written & descriptive


Slow going for me at first.using 800 diet plan.but then I am pushing 83.took.alot of years to put this weight on so will probably be slow coming off.but I am plugging along with it. Can use any discounts or help on product as I live on social security only. Thank you so much.

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet
Brenda Dalton

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet

I havent been real faithful to the program. The drops do control my hunger if I would only listen

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet

Pounds and Inches Drops by Dirobi™ | For Weight Loss

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet
Betty Campagna

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet

Have not lost anything

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet
Joanne Richichi

Dirobi Un-Diet Booklet

FREE! Dirobi Un-Diet: 7 Simple Principles For Phenomenal Health E-Book

Great stuff!

So easy to do...and the results are amazing. Nothing else I have used has worked. I'm a fan!

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