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"Love this stuff! Have used this product for a few years and love the results."

Barbara K., Mimi's Miracle Minerals Customer

Dirobi Core Pack | Multivitamin & Minerals

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Never run out of our two most fundamental products- Mimi's Miracle Minerals and Mimi's Miracle Multi- with this monthly shipment. Together, these two foundational products provide over 70 necessary trace minerals and the vitamins and nutrients you're likely to be deficient in (not just the cheapest vitamins to stuff a multi with.)

Restore vital trace minerals and the vitamins you're actually deficient in with our Core Pack.
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Feel like your body is missing something? Well, it probably is.

Mimi's Miracle Minerals is designed to reverse the damage of our modern mineral-deficient diet.

Despite eating 24% more calories per person than we did in the 1960's [1], Americans are more vitamin(link to Mimi's Multi) and mineral deficient than ever. Chemical farming and overworking the land, as well as letting ultra-processed foods make up more than 57% of our diet [2], has led to Americans eating a calorie-dense but nutrient deficient diet.

Reduce inflammation, protect your heart and brain, and feel amazing.

Mimi's Miracle Multi has the ingredients your body needs to thrive, in the most beneficial dosages.

Mimi's Miracle Multi is designed to be a multivitamin you can feel working: Vitamin K1 can help decrease inflammation and help control blood sugar, Vitamin B12 provides energy and supports memory, mood, and digestion, and Zinc is vital to immune system function and fighting free radicals, just to name a few of the incredible ingredients we've included.

Two amazing products, one great price.

Subscribe now to receive both of these revolutionary products at one discounted price. And as soon as you receive your Dirobi products you can start filling in those nutritional deficiencies that almost every American has. Better health starts the first time you take the Dirobi Core Pack supplements.

And don't worry, there's no long term commitment. Each month your supplement package will be sent automatically, which also automatically qualifies you for Precision Nutrition and a free customized workout solution. But if at any time you want to stop, just cancel your auto-ship... no harm no foul.


Restore vital trace minerals and the vitamins you're actually deficient in with our Core Pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dirobi products are the best

I was skeptical about trying another brand product but I tired 2 different products from this company and they work just as they described.

Kristi Andrews

I only received the minerals but didn’t receive the multivitamin. It said it would arrive later and I’m still waiting on it. I’m beginning to think it was forgotten

Hi Kristi! We finally received the Multivitamins after a few months of supply chain chaos! Yay! We should be able to get those out to you very shortly....they are currently being labeled and prepped for shipping. Have a wonderful day Kristi, and we sure appreciate your patience during this frustrating time!

Amy Harrison
Love this stuff!

I love how simple it is to take the multivitamin and minerals together and know that my basic nutrition needs are covered. I feel a lot more energy and confidence knowing my body is getting what it needs. As a busy mom, the simplicity is so awesome!

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