"Love this stuff! Have used this product for a few years and love the results."

-Barbara K., Mimi's Miracle Minerals Customer

Mimi's Miracle Minerals™

Mimi's Miracle Minerals™

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Mimi's Miracle Minerals is a powerful blend of fulvic and humic acid, which are some of the most potent natural trace minerals sources on earth.

Trace mineral deficiency is linked to a host of health issues, and Mimi's Miracle Minerals not only provides over 72 of these vital minerals in just the right amounts, but it also makes them extremely bioavailable thanks to the combination of humic and fulvic acid. 

Customers have experienced better hair and nail growth, deeper sleep, more energy throughout the day, faster recovery, and many other benefits from regularly using Mimi's Miracle Minerals.

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Feel like your body is missing something? Well, it probably is.

Mimi's Miracle Minerals is designed to reverse the damage of our modern mineral-deficient diet.

Despite eating 24% more calories per person than we did in the 1960's [1], Americans are more vitamin and mineral deficient than ever. Chemical farming and overworking the land, as well as letting ultra-processed foods make up more than 57% of our diet [2], has led to Americans eating a calorie-dense but nutrient deficient diet.

The building blocks for the healthiest you- all in one convenient dropper.

All the trace minerals your body needs in their ionic form, allowing for maximum absorption.

Mimi's Miracle Mineral's liquid form means it's easily digested and easily taken. And to make sure that we deliver the best product possible, our minerals are a combination of fulvic and humic acid with the minerals in ionic form, enabling easy absorption by the body.

The minerals your body needs, at a price you can afford.

Mineral deficiency can lead to anemia, fatigue, weight gain, muscle cramps, decreased immune system function, and more. Minerals also play a key role in countless functions of the body, including protein synthesis, energy production, immune system function, wound healing, blood pressure control, building strong bones and teeth, and much more. [3][4] Their importance can hardly be overstated, which is why we created this product. A combination of natural fulvic and humic acid with the most convenient and effective delivery system, Mimi's Miracle Minerals is the mineral supplement your body wants.


How do I take Mimi's Miracle Minerals?

Take 1 ml (marked on the dropper) morning and night. Can be taken directly under the tongue or added to a beverage.

Store at room temperature. Does not require refrigeration.

Advanced Uses:

  • If struggling with health challenges, take 3 times per day, first thing in the morning, mid-day, and in the evening. Ideally, keeping the product in your body 24/7 yields best results, so take as close to 8 hour increments as you can.
  • For pets: 1 drop per day for every 7 pounds the animal weighs! For 70 pounds, 10 drops per day. For 35 pound animal, 5 drops.
  • Can be taken topically. Apply to skin irritations and blemishes to aid healing.
  • Improves the efficacy of other products. For example, if you take other drops or sprayed supplements, take them at the same time as Mimi's Miracle Minerals. It will act as a "carrier," and deliver the other supplement better into the cells. Interestingly, you will notice that both products taken at the same time will absorb into your system faster than the other supplement alone.

What should I expect when I take Mimi's Miracle Minerals?

Those who take Mimi's Miracle Minerals report sleeping better, recovering from illness more quickly, and noticing improved hair and nail growth. We recommend consistently using any given supplement for 60-90 days, and keeping a health journal throughout this period to notice the effects it has.

These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Q. What are Fulvic Minerals?

A. “Fulvic acid is a “humic substance,” meaning that it is a major component of organic matter. A component of soil, fulvic acid is released as organic matter decomposes. During the process, millions of beneficial microbes are released, enhancing the healthful components of this substance.

Fulvic acid is considered one of the most chemically active compounds in soil as it contains a variety of beneficial nutrients. The compound contains an assortment of hormones, fatty acids, ketones, flavonoids, and vitamins and minerals.”

Fulvic acid is a bio-available version of these humic acids.

Q. How much does it contain of each mineral?

A. Mimi's Miracle Minerals contains all the TRACE minerals you need. By their very nature, Trace Minerals are not measured in MG’s, nor do they interfere with the Macrominerals you may take larger doses of. There is no conflict between the larger dose/ larger molecule macro minerals you may already take and the Mimi's Miracle Minerals product.

Q. Is it Possible that our Soil is Depleted of Nutrients?

A. In a document that was presented to the US Senate, it stated the "...inorganic toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides have destroyed nearly all the critical organic minerals, elements and complexes in our soils. A marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals compromises health." *†


Q. Why are Mimi's Miracle Minerals Trace Minerals Bonded to Humates?

A. Humates and fulvates are fully functional organic electrolytes. As a result, they also assist in making the trace minerals more bioavailable through their special bonding properties. This is a break through in trace mineral supplementation! †

Q. What are Humates?

A. Humic and Fulvic acids are the principal components of organic humates. They were formed by nature over 65 million years ago by the breakdown of plants and other living things. Humic and Fulvic acids are found in specific geological formations, freshwater lakes, and ocean water. Humates are a complex mixture of many different organic acids containing antioxidant carboxyl and phenolic groups. The humates in our products have a PH of 7, which is neutral. In agriculture, humates are used to enrich the soil. When humic and fulvic acids are present, plant life and produce thrives! †

Humates Help Promote:

➢ Energy Levels †

➢ Immunity & natural resistance †

➢ Bioavailability of our trace minerals †

➢ Healthy electrolyte balance †

➢ Antioxidant defense due to polyphenol content †

➢ Multiple body systems health including the digestive system, thyroid, muscle, heart, blood cells, hemoglobin & vitamin B12 levels, amino acid synthesis and antioxidant enzyme levels. †


Q. How does Mimi's Miracle Minerals Fulvic Acid support the Immune System?

A. Humic and Fulvic acids contain powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Research shows there is a direct link to antioxidant nutrition and immune health. Further, the formula contains nutrients cysteine, glutamine, and selenium. They are vital building blocks for the antioxidant glutathione peroxidase which helps to rally the immune defense response.


Q. Are Your Humates Chemically Processed?

A. Mimi's Miracle Minerals Humic & Fulvic Acid products are unique in that they are not treated with chemicals to isolate the active constituents. Further, they are not treated with heat or pressure. The humic and fulvic acids are certified organic.


Q. Are the Humic & Fulvic Acids Organic?

A. Yes, the humate raw material has been certified organic.


Q. What do I do if I get any of the brown-colored liquid on my clothes?

A. The product is brown colored and will stain fabrics and clothing so be careful. If it gets on your hands, just wash in cold water until the organic stain disappears.

Q. Why are the Liquids Brown?

A. Humates, like their sister cousin tannins found in black tea, are organic in their nature and subsequently naturally colored brown.

Q. Is this considered an antioxidant?

A. Yes, the humic and fulvic acid does have some antioxidant properties. Our strongest antioxidant however is Mimi's Miracle Glutathione :)

Q. Is it Kosher?

A. While we haven’t had it certified Kosher, we know from a previous iteration that it could be. There are no ingredients that would keep it from being certified Kosher.

Q. What is the difference between Mimi's fulvic and humic acid and shilajit?

A. The difference in fulvic acid from Mimi's Miracle Minerals and shilajit is the source. We mine our fulvic from the highly concentrated freshwater deposit in the United States making it the cleanest and safest, and shilajit comes from the trees in the Himalayas. 

Q. Is there anything you would recommend for cats with feline AIDS?

A. Dietary supplements can never (by law) be advertised as preventing or curing any disease.

I do give my dog (and would give to a cat as well if I had one) Mimi's Miracle Minerals, Mimi's Miracle Turmeric (she has some joint pain), and Omegas. These are the three supplements I feel give her all the nutritional dietary supplements she needs.

But would it help with feline aids? We cannot say, but it would support her overall health and make sure she's getting the basic supplements she needs.

Q. How do you do testing of your products?

A. Our facility is GMP certified-meaning it follows the highest standards of clean and safe manufacturing, gloves, lab coats, hair nets, etc. are worn at all times on the production floor, and most of the packaging and processing is done by machines. It is inspected regularly to make sure we continually meet these standards. All products go through rigorous quality control testing for microbiology, purity tests, consistency, and correct concentration verifications,  So you can rest assured that they are completely safe to use!

Q. Are there any contraindications with other supplements?

A. No. Taking Mimi's Miracle Minerals with other supplements will make the other supplements more bio-available. Also taking topically with other topical supplements, or internally with digestible, will enhance the effectiveness of the other supplements, so best to take it with the others.


Q. Is there something else that I should be taking with it other than the miracle minerals?

A. Mimi's Miracle Minerals improves the efficacy of other products. For example, if you take other drops or sprayed supplements, take them at the same time as Mimi's Miracle Minerals. It will act as a "carrier," and deliver the other supplement better into the cells. Interestingly, you will notice that both products taken at the same time will absorb into your system faster than the other supplement alone.

Q. How potent is Mimi's Miracle Minerals?

A. The discrepancy between potency has nothing to do with the potency of the product, rather just the way the milligrams are calculated. Fulvic Acid is a nanoparticle, very difficult to determine the exact size. Last year we updated our label to reflect the latest information we had on the potency of the fulvic acid, but we did not change the formulation. We simply adjusted the calculation of the particle size to reflect more accurate science.


Q. Do I take it first thing in the morning or should it be taken at night?

A. Here are the official directions, and advanced directions:

Take 1 ml (1/3 dropper, or 14 drops) by mouth, or in water each day. Ideally, take it by mouth, and hold under the tongue for one to two minutes for best absorption, then swallow. Store at room temperature. Does not require refrigeration.

Advanced Directions

If struggling with health challenges, fighting off sickness, or feels that they would benefit more from multiple doses we also encourage people to take multiple doses each day or take 3 times per day, first thing in the morning, mid-day, and in the evening. Ideally, keeping the product in your body 24/7 yields the best results, so take in as close to 8-hour increments as you can.

Can be taken topically. Apply to skin irritations and blemishes to aid healing.

Q. Should it be taken before or after eating? If so, how long before or after?

A. Best to take Mimi's Miracle Minerals under your tongue and it doesn’t matter if it’s before or after eating. The body's need for minerals is the greatest first thing in the morning then 30 minutes to an hour before bed. The main reason it is advised to take it first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed is to keep it in your system. As long as it’s in your system, it’s working for you. Thus, for treatment, taking another dose halfway through the day helps ensure you always have it working for you.

Make sure and take them with the best quality water you can, filtered or distilled would be best.

Q. The product I received recommends 4 sprays a day. If I switch to a dropper, would that equate to 2 drops or 4? \

A. Shake well. Take 1 ML (14 drops, or about 1/3 dropper) once per day in water. If experiencing health challenges, or are very active, take twice daily.


Q. Does Mimi's Miracle Minerals contain amino acids?

A. Yes. It contains arginine, lysine, histidine, phenylalanine, serine, threonine, leucine, valine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, glycine, alanine, proline, tyrosine and cystine.

Q. If this is considered an antioxidant, is it better than carbon 60, which is supposed to be one of the top five best antioxidants and also the best out of the five best antioxidants?

A. We're not super familiar with Carbon 60, but that is something I will look into and learn more about. :) Glutathione has been hailed by WebMD and other reputable sources as the mother of all antioxidants. It is even used in hospitals after surgery to aid in recovery. There have been literally hundreds of thousands of studies done on it!

Q. What are the ratios of each of fulvic and humic acid in Mimi's Miracle Minerals?

A. 76%Humic, 20% Fulvic, 4% micronutrients. They are sourced in the USA.

Q. Your product has more humic than Fulvic? I have read from other companies that they sell Fulvic acid trace minerals, but don't mention humic? Is that a bad thing?

A. We have a proprietary process for extracting Humic and Fulvic acid from the raw material. Most producers don't know how to keep the Humic in the solution so they only sell Fulvic. Humic Acid has millions of trace minerals attached to ion points, making them available for your cells. Also, we produce Mimi's Miracle Minerals from a source that has proven to contain the most Fulvic Acid available. There is no benefit to eliminating the Humic Acid.

So by keeping the Humic Acid in the solution and knowing we have the highest concentration of Fulvic, we have the most effective Humic / Fulvic Acid product available.


Q. How many mg's per serving of fulvic/humic acid your product contains? The label says it has 2000 mg total of the humic and fulvic plus the trace minerals. How many mg of that is fulvic and how many are humic?"

A. Mimi's Miracle Minerals has 80 to 90% Humic Acid and approx. 6 to 8
percent Fulvic Acid. It is a liquid Humic Acid trace mineral product, and trace mineral products aren't measured in mg. You may be thinking the trace minerals are separate from the Humic & Fulvic molecules but they are actually part of the molecule.

So, if you are concerned about getting too many MG's of a particular mineral, you don't need to worry, as these are trace minerals. Take twice a day as instructed, and you won't have any conflict with other minerals you may be taking.


Q. What the humic and fulvic acids were being derived from.

A. The source of Humic is leonardite.

Q. Would I regain my health with your product and at a faster pace?

A. We believe that you will get results from Mimi's Miracle Minerals faster than your trace mineral product because the Fulvic Acid in Mimi's acts as a delivery system for the over 70 trace minerals in Mimi's, delivering the trace minerals directly into your cells.

Q. Can humic acid help in epstein barr virus?

A. We can't tell you that it will help with Epstein Barr ( Chronic Fatigue  Syndrome) but we have many customers that have had great success in controlling symptoms using our Humic Acid. We recommend that you start by taking 3 times the recommended maintenance dose for 30 days or until the symptoms subside. After you feel the effects and have it under control, you can go back to a maintenance dose. We are very interested in our customer's progress so please let us know how you're doing.

Q. If the bottle was very warm will it lose its efficacy?

A. As long as the product is not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 8 hours it will be fine. Even though it may feel hot when you received your product, it is very hard for a mailbox to exceed 115 degrees for that amount of time. You don't have to worry about the heat. It will not affect the product at all. We created this product to be effective at all temperatures. We do recommend storing your bottle in a  cool dry place but heat will not affect the quality of the product.


Q. Why is your Mimi's Miracle Minerals tastes like water that I can just leave on the tongue, undiluted. The other brands I tried are much more acidic and DO require mixing with water?

A. Other mfg of humic/fulvic products use an acid precipitation process using acids to extract the humic/Fulvic acid. This process actually kills a lot of the molecules in the process, leaving a sour, bitter acidic taste. We have developed a non-acid precipitation process making Mimi's Miracle Minerals the purest most effective Humic/fulvic acid product on the planet.

Q. What is the expiration date?

A. The official expiration date is on the bottle but the expiration is actually only a formality with Fulvic Acid, our science advisor tells us that it really doesn't lose its efficacy over time.


Q. Putting the drops in my tea and in my CALM magnesium drink, but have not noticed a difference in my stamina. What do you recommend?

A. Instead of adding the product to your tea or drink, please take them straight. Just put them under your tongue and hold there for a minute or two, then swallow. It could be that mixing the product with these other agents is neutralizing the alkalizing effect of the minerals. Don't worry, there is virtually no taste!

Q. What are the heavy metals in this product?

A. Metals - such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and others - are found in certain foods. At very high levels, these metals can be toxic, but eliminating them entirely from our food supply is not always possible because these metals are found in the air, water, and soil and then taken up by plants as they grow.

But because Fulvic acid, from any source, contains so many trace minerals, that test each batch and provide a "Certificates of Analysis" to ensure that the product is safe. We have done this on hundreds of batches and our product has always passed as safe. EPA Tests show that there are more heavy metals in a bite of an apple than in a dose of our Fulvic Acid.

We pride ourselves in making the safest, most effective Fulvic Acid on the market today.

Q. Do you do hair analysis test?

A. We don't do hair analysis testing.

Q. I once read that fulvic acid was dangerous to take with chlorine. Our water here is chlorinated and we bathe in it but don't drink it. Is there a problem?

A: OK, so here's the skinny:
1. Fulvic Acid should not be used in chlorinated water, so continue to mix it with your unchlorinated water.
2. There is no problem with bathing in chlorinated water while being on Fulvic Acid.
3. The only problem with Fulvic Acid and chlorine is when they are mixed in high doses. Then there is actually a carcinogenic reaction. But our advisor tells us that the amounts would have to be so high that it's not worth worrying about.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


Humic & Fulvic Acid Studies



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Q. How many trace minerals are in Mimi's Miracle Minerals?

A. 70+ trace minerals in potencies that support the body’s optimal health.†


Q. How do Trace Minerals Benefit Health?

A. You can trace every health condition to a mineral deficiency, to paraphrase the two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. As important as vitamins are, they will not work without trace minerals present. Trace minerals are what the body uses to sustain all cellular activity. †


Q. How could Fruits & Veggies be Low in Trace Minerals?

A. After years of over-farming and heavy fertilizer use, the soil can lose all of its good, wholesome virtues. Even still, farmers still grow good-looking fruits and vegetables by using high amounts of fertilizer. The fruit and vegetables will have good caloric content but may have very little in the form of real nutrition, including trace minerals. Most produce, unless it has been grown on a sustainable organic farm, may fall under this category. †

Q. Which Form of Trace Minerals is More Bioavailable… Colloidal or Humates?

A. Colloidal minerals are simply extra-small mineral particles suspended in a solution. It has been stated that colloidal minerals are so small that they require no effort to be absorbed. The hype behind the colloidal minerals tells us that the particles are so small that they will absorb directly into your body’s tissues. Yet, by definition, we are told that colloidal substances will not diffuse easily through our cell membranes. On the other hand, the trace minerals in the Mimi's Miracle Minerals product line are bound to humic and fulvic acid. This organic bond is preferable over colloidal bonds. †

Q. Are Humates Good for the Immune System?

A. National Institutes of Health, one of the world's foremost medical research centers, has sponsored studies to research the immune activity of humic acid. Early indicators suggest that humic acid may play an important role in supporting multiple mechanisms of the immune system. †

Q. What is the Source of Humate-Bound Trace Minerals?

A. The humates are derived from ancient freshwater beds when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Our source is highly concentrated in organic humic and fulvic acids. †

Q. Is it non-GMO certified?

A. Yes, all of our products contain ingredients that are not genetically modified.


Q. What do the Liquids Taste Like?

A. Despite the brown color of the Humic/Fulvic, they taste mostly like water with a hint of metallic taste, which is an indicator of the presence of trace minerals.  Conversely, there are several concentrated ionic mineral liquids that have a very harsh taste.

Q. What does Mimi's Miracle Minerals do?

A. It is a full-spectrum trace mineral supplement with over 70 trace minerals! And almost everybody is deficient in trace minerals so it fills in those health gaps that even the healthiest diet may not fill.

Q. Can it be taken topically with other topical products?

A. Yes, not only can it, but it’s advised. As a matter of fact, ANY other topical can be mixed with the Mimi's Miracle Minerals product, and it acts as a delivery mechanism. So it will not only have its own healing effect, it will improve the efficacy of the other topicals.

Q. Is it an anti-viral?

A. We cannot claim that Mimi’s Miracle Minerals is an Anti-viral, as no clinical research has been conducted to confirm that. However, general studies on the anti-viral nature of Humic Acid have been conducted and do show promise.

Q. What’s the difference between Humic and Fulvic acid?

A. They work together to clean out and re-mineralize your cells. Research shows they also have an alkalizing effect on the body and are powerful anti-oxidants when taken together.

Q. Is the fulvic acid safe for breastfeeding?

A. Yes, this product is not only safe when breastfeeding but highly recommended, as the body is more taxed for nutrients when breastfeeding. It is a perfectly safe, natural mineral supplement so you can't go wrong.

Q. How much should I give to my pet?

A. Many people have reported noticeable health improvements in their animals with Mimi's Miracle Minerals, but wonder how much to dose. Well, the answer is simple: 1 drop per day for every 7 pounds the animal weighs! So if your dog is huge, like 70 pounds, 10 drops per day. For 35 pound animal, 5 drops, and so forth.

Q. Can I take the product for as long as I want or just a certain period of time and then I will have to rest?

A. No Limits to the length of time on taking Mimi's Miracle Minerals. We recommend taking it for the rest of your life.


Q. I have malabsorption issues due to having had a total colectomy. I am also anemic and get iron infusions every 4-6 months. Will putting Mimi's Miracle Minerals with my smoothie a good way of taking it?

A. For best absorption, just put Mimi's Miracle Minerals under your tongue while you make your smoothie, and it will be absorbed into your bloodstream very effectively. Swallow them after a minute or two. But, if it really is better and easier for you, taking them in your smoothie will still get them into your system, but you probably won't absorb as much of the product into your bloodstream as you would if you took them sublingually (under the tongue).


Q. Is this FDA approved?

A. The FDA has actually issued this statement:

Who is responsible for the safety of dietary supplements?

FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.

The manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market.

If the dietary supplement contains a NEW ingredient, manufacturers must notify FDA about that ingredient prior to marketing. However, the notification will only be reviewed by the FDA (not approved) and only for safety, not effectiveness.

Manufacturers are required to produce dietary supplements in a quality manner and ensure that they do not contain contaminants or impurities, and are accurately labeled according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and labeling regulations.

If a serious problem associated with a dietary supplement occurs, manufacturers must report it to FDA as an adverse event. FDA can take dietary supplements off the market if they are found to be unsafe or if the claims on the products are false and misleading. And we follow these practices by ensuring our products are produced to the cGMP guidelines.

Q. Can you elaborate on the ingredients?

A. The formulator of our product was one of the first people to extract Fulvic Acid as a health supplement, back when chemical extraction was the only way to get Fulvic Acid.

Since then the method of extraction for Mimi's Miracle Minerals has evolved to water- based, completely natural extraction process that maintains all of the minerals, without adding any chemicals or acids to the process.

In addition, our product is formulated to be very pure, with a high concentration of Fulvic and Humic acids, but very few other elements, so it tastes better than others while working more effectively. The 3rd party elements test we had conducted showed that Mimi's Miracle Minerals contained over 70 vital trace minerals.

As well as it contains the following amino acids: arginine, lysine, histidine, phenylalanine, serine, threonine, leucine, valine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, glycine, alanine, proline, tyrosine, and cystine.

Q. What is the source of the fulvic and humic acid?

A. Source is low carbon shale (humate)

Q. Recommended dosage for kids?

A. Under 5 years cut the dose in 1/2, 5 years and older they can use the same
dose as on the bottle.

Q. How much Fulvic Acid is in it?

A. Thank you for your interest in Mimi's Miracle Minerals. Be prepared for a long answer to a short question!

Before I give you an answer, I would like to share with you our stringent policy when answering these kinds of questions: we never make a claim that we can't back up with a test done by a licensed 3rd party laboratory.

For example, we had Advanced Laboratories in Salt Lake City Utah run an Elements test on our product, to prove our claim that it has over 70 trace minerals.

But when it comes to showing percentages of Fulvic Acid in any product, we must inform you that there is a lot of misinformation in the marketplace, unfortunately.

We have members of our team that have been in the Fulvic Acid business for over 12 years and have vast experience, in not only developing our products

but in the Fulvic Acid market generally. In fact, our formulator was the first to invent a way to make liquid fulvic acid using fresh water and not acid, making our product taste like water.

In 12 years we have never seen a test of any product that contains 50% Fulvic Acid. In fact, you should request a 3rd party lab test showing their product contains 50% fulvic acid. We don't believe it does. We have seen companies that claim their's is 100% Fulvic Acid even, which, in our scientific opinion, is ludicrous.

The fulvic acid molecule is actually one of the smallest molecules know to man. It takes a test, run on an electron microscope, that runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are only aware of one study conducted on a credible Fulvic Acid product, that showed it contained 4-6% Fulvic Acid, and was considered an outstanding product. Unfortunately, that report is unavailable to the public as it’s that companies private intellectual property.

So, if any of the Shilajit or liquid Fulvic Acid sellers can show you a third party test result with outlandishly high percentages proved in a 3rd party test, we are all ears. Until then, there simply is no reason for people to make these claims that can’t be proved, and we won’t make them either.

Here is what I can tell you. "The proof is in the pudding." We believe that Mimi's miracle Minerals is the best fulvic acid product on the Planet. We suggest you try Mimi's Miracle Minerals and if you don't get better results than the Shilajit product we will be glad to refund you 100% of your purchase price.

Q. What is your fulvic acid concentration?

A. We have our own proprietary process using no chemicals or acids, leaving all molecules alive and effective. Also, we produce our products from a source that is proven to have the highest concentration of fulvic on the planet. We have the highest concentration of both humic and fulvic acid available.

Q. What state do you mine your fulvic acid?

A. Our Humic/Fulvic acid comes from New Mexico.


Q. Have people with Herpes (HPV) used it with success?

A. Mimi’s Miracle Minerals is a strong concentrate of Humid Acid, which has been proven to be an effective antiviral.

Q. Is Mimi's Miracle Minerals tested for heavy metals?

A. Yes it's tested for heavy metals. Every batch we make is tested, and a COA (certificate of analysis) is provided to ensure product safety and purity. This information has been provided to Amazon and they allow us to sell under the condition that we prove to them the safety of our product. However, we do not make it public due to proprietary information. We hope you understand.

But rest assured that our lab runs a rigorous quality control process on every product that comes through our production line. These include correct concentration verifications, microbiology tests, purity tests, and more. Our facility is GMP certified, meaning it adheres to the highest standard of safe, clean, and reliable supplement manufacturing.

The 2 oz and 4 oz are the exact same product, just in different sizes. The tests run on the ingredients and finished products are done on every batch in the lab before the product is stamped with an expiration date. Nothing is printed out or made public, it's just a part of the manufacturing process. It's an on-going process for internal purposes, it's not something they do for any other purpose than to produce a high-quality product, it's not organized into a PDF and prepared for public consumption.

Just to be clear we certainly aren't trying to hide anything. What happens is ingredients come into a clean facility, and are tested for purity. If approved, they go through manufacturing. Once complete, tests are done again to be sure there isn't any bacteria, fungus etc, as we started the whole process with natural ingredients. At no point is anybody doing anything except making sure the batch can move along, so they do not publish anything.

I can absolutely assure you it is safe of heavy metals and toxins. The last report I saw showed it had less mercury and cadmium than you would find in an apple, to give you an idea.

Q. Can I put it in hot water?

A. Yes, you can put it in hot water! Preferably not chlorinated water though. Purified or bottled water is best.

You can also simply put it under your tongue and hold it there for a minute or two, then swallow. And don’t worry, it’s tasteless!

Q. Does your product contain lithium? If so how much?

A. Mimi's Miracle Minerals contain lithium, and it's 7.70 ppm


Q. How to return or refund orders made through Amazon?

A. As for transactions made through Amazon, you will have to contact their customer support for returns and refund issues.  You can contact them via their tollfree number: 1 (888) 280-4331

Q. I read that you should not have any tap water within 12 hours of consuming fulvic acid because it is cancer-causing?

A. We have been in the Humic Acid business for over 15 years and have
never heard that you have to wait 12 hours to drink tap water after
taking Fulvic Acid. Our Humic acid is so bioavailable that it
penetrates the stomach wall and enters the bloodstream within minutes
so there is no danger of the two mixings after 10 to 20 minutes. We
pride ourselves on producing the cleanest and safest Humic Acid
available using NO CHEMICALS in the production process.

Q. I put this product to the "Tea Test" it didn't change color and nothing happened. Does it mean it's not a real fulvic/humic acid product?

A. I have been in the humic fulvic acid business and seen a lot of disseminating information but this may take the cake. It is not the fulvic acid that makes the water black. It's the acids in their solution that turns black. If you put sulfuric acid or any other acid that they use to precipitate the fulvic then I believe the water will turn black. If you just add acid and let it sit, the water will start to turn dark as well.

There are 2 ways to confirm no acid in our products. The taste test and the "Tea Bag Test". If it tastes sour and bitter, there was acid used in developing that product. You do this test by adding the formula to water then dipping a tea bag and if it turns black then there was acid in that product.

Taste the other product and if it tastes sour and bitter then it will turn black. Ours is NOT acid precipitated and will not and will never turn black.


Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Mary Piemonte (Barrington, US)
Makes me feel complete!

I feel a difference taking this. It fills in the missing nutrients and I feel more alert and energetic when I take it.

Marcy K. (Lancaster, US)
Fantastic Multivitamin

My husband and I have been taking Mimi’s Miracle Multivitamin for about a year now. We have noticed an incredible difference in our energy levels and our overall well being. In fact, my husband just went to for his annual physical and our PCP commented on what great health he is in. I love that this company uses the best quality ingredients and takes so much pride in their products!

christa (Chicago, US)
Excellent minerals

I usually react to mineral supplements but this one has only helped me!

Michelle Tilley (Cabot, US)
Great product!

My whole family takes this everyday to keep our minerals built up and it works great.

Janine Rushing (Jackson, US)
Excellent product!

So easy to take! Will order again!


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