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It's a dilemma. Vitamins and minerals are the core building blocks of supplements. And yet the research clearly shows that most vitamins and mineral supplements aren't very effective... chances are you are paying a lot of money with the only result being more yellow pee.

And yet the fact remains that most Americans are deficient in certain vitamins and trace minerals, even if they eat a good balanced diet.

Mimi's Miracle Multi is the result of a 2 year research project conducted by Dirobi Owner Date Sherwin. Learn more about that here. (link to blog post on multi) In it he scoured the research to determine just what vitamins and minerals people were most likely deficient ink, along with those ingredients that would help an grown up have more energy, vitality, and focus. Mimi's Miracle Multi is the result of that research and represents the highest possible standard in vitamin supplementation.

Mimi's Miracle Minerals is an organically sourced trace mineral supplement. Most health food store minerals have 18-20 minerals in them, Mimi's Miracle Multi has over 70! Not only will Mimi's Miracle Multi provide you the trace minerals and electrolytes your body craves, it will help transport other supplements into the cell, and remove toxins. 

Together these two products deliver a vitamin and mineral infusion into your body in the right amounts, and in the right forms, to ensure your body performs at its best without vitamin and trace mineral deficiencies.

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