Genesis® Sensitive Toothpaste- Provides Maximum Strength, Protects Enamel, Fresh Mint Taste, & Great Cavity Protection

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  • Made especially for the nearly 40% of folks that have sensitive teeth
  • Surprisingly fresh mint flavor your mouth will love
  • Soothing formula attacks sensitivity at the root cause
  • Provides maximum strength 24/7 sensitivity protection
  • Builds Protection Against Future Sensitivity
Vulnerable areas of exposed dentin are a cause of sensitive teeth. Dentin hypersensitivity, or tooth sensitivity, is a common dental problem. It's a condition that can develop over time, as a result of common problems such as receding gums and enamel wear. Most sufferers are between 20 and 50 years old. With twice daily brushing, Genesis Sensitive toothpaste works deep inside the tooth to soothe painful sensitivity and helps to keep the pain from coming back. Genesis Sensitive toothpaste has a mild mint flavor that keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean. 
Here are some of the more common triggers for tooth sensitivity: Eating cold food or drinking cold drinks, eating hot food or drinking hot drinks, eating sugary or sour foods, breathing in cold air, brushing teeth. 
With twice daily brushing Genesis Sensitive Toothpaste provides relief from the pain of sensitive teeth. Stop use and ask a dentist if sensitivity persists or worsens or pain/sensitivity still persists after 4 weeks of use.


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