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We are currently in the middle of a Dirobi Transformation Journey! There are no available spots at the moment. However, you can enter your email below to be notified the next time it opens. Our next round will probably start in April or May of 2021.

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Imagine What It Would Be Like to Lose Weight and Keep It Off, Get More Sleep, and Have More Energy.

Imagine How It Would Feel to Have a Significant, Positive Change in Your Health Right Now.

We understand how frustrating and challenging it can be to do a health program.

Trying "another diet" or new exercise routine can be scary.

That's why we've made this program unlike any other.

During our 12 weeks together, we’ll help you discover the powerful system that will help you:

• Develop habits and routines that give you consistent energy at all hours of the day

• Learn a simple system to eliminate brain fog, so you feel focused and centered throughout the day

• Discover the 24 Hour Virtuous Cycle that will help you achieve better sleep, and improve longevity

• Create a positive emotional relationship with food and the way it benefits your body

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Begin your transformation journey with this discounted supplement package, along with 12 weeks of health and wellness coaching with Dirobi owner and certified health nutrition coach Dave Sherwin, absolutely FREE!

Weight Loss Bundle includes:

3 x Mimi's Miracle Multi

3 x Mimi's Miracle Minerals

3 x Mimi's Glutathione

3 x Pounds & Inches Drops

Here's What our Clients Share About Our Products and Systems:

"Down 7 pounds week one. I failed to properly prep last Sunday so I ran into trouble yesterday and went entirely off the rails. I'm better prepared food-wise this next week. Hunger has not been an issue and I credit the drops for this. I really am getting a lot of support form the information you share daily. Thank you!" - Kim

"I am down 8 lbs! I kinda went overboard yesterday getting some Panda Express.  One of the biggest challenges for me is weekends. No complaints about the actual product though. I feel much better and sleep much better too." - Peter

Dave Sherwin, PN1
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in shape, or felt energized throughout your entire day, or felt capable and confident enough to do what you truly want.

If you’re ready to have the body you deserve and get in control of your health and fitness once and for all, I’m ready to help.

You’ve tried doing it alone. Now try with someone who’s ready to bring a commitment that’s as serious as your own.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping people transform their bodies through nutrition and fitness.

This is your opportunity to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible.

I hope to have the opportunity to help you transform your body and life forever.

"I was very skeptical about trying this, however after a month of using this product I lost almost 20 pounds. I made sure that I ate at the daily food intake, and made sure to stay hydrated. I felt great and energized. " - Pritchett

"This is a lifestyle changer. Lost 17 lbs on this diet in one month!  You can't just end this diet and go back to your old bad habits. This is a lifestyle changer, it's like a reset button for bad eating habits. Use it to your advantage! The drops actually have a decent flavor compared to another kind I used a few years ago after I had my first kid." - Nixy

Save Over $60 on a Robust, Three Month Supply of Synergistic Supplements

A discounted supplement bundle that takes care of your vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient levels, boosts the immune system, aids with weight loss, cholesterol, energy, sleep, and more!

Weight Loss Bundle includes:

3x bottles of Mimi's Miracle Multi (Normally $116.64)

3x 2 oz bottles of Mimi's Miracle Minerals (Normally $89.85)

3x 2 oz bottles of Mimi's Glutathione (Normally $74.64)

3x 2 oz bottles of Pounds & Inches Drops (Normally $83.31)

Total: $365.57

Dirobi Transformation Journey includes:
Supplement Bundle + Coaching + Training Program for only $297.00!

Discounted Supplement Bundle + Personal Health Coaching + Training and Accountability

More than just supplements. 

This 12 week program is specially crafted to help you achieve your personal health goals, and form lasting habits you can rely on in the future.

Health coaches often charge hundreds of dollars per month for this level of program, but we don't take that approach. Instead, we include the coaching for free when you purchase this already discounted super-charged supplement bundle!

Cover all your bases with a robust supplement package, along with 12 weeks of health and wellness coaching with Dirobi owner and certified health nutrition coach Dave Sherwin, absolutely FREE!

Program Includes:

12 Weeks of group coaching  sessions with Precision Nutrition certified health coach Dave Sherwin - $837 Value
• 3 Month supply of our synergistic Transformation Journey discounted supplement bundle - $365 Value
• 3 Month exclusive access to Dirobi's daily accountability and habit tracking mobile app - $279 Value
BONUS #1 - 9 Perfect Meals System - $197 Value
BONUS #2 - Virtuous Cycle System for long term sustainable health  - $356 Value
BONUS #3 - Smart fasting  coaching for longevity - $67 Value

Total Value: $2,101

Sign up by January 21, 2021 to claim your spot

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Hear the Experiences Others Have Had With These Supplements:

"I religiously take my multi vitamins from a very excellent company. I came across information that minerals are also very important. I figured, what the heck, might as well add extra minerals to my vitamins. Can only help. Wow! Was I surprised. Since talking Mimi’s Miracle minerals (usually around 10:00 AM - don’t take in the evening as it keeps me awake) I’ve experienced more sustained energy but most impressive is a feeling of wellness all around. Happen to have my routine medical check up and to my surprise all my blood work was great. I would just suggest you try them and experience it for yourself. We are all different so for some they may not feel a difference, while others might feel a difference right away (me) and yet others it may take longer use to feel a difference. Be well." - Terri Walsh

"Not your typical medicine
This spray doesnt have a vitamin or a zero sugar taste it's like a very faint berry taste. You get your money's worth. So far I think it works great but it's been only a couple weeks I've been on it."
- Sheri Powers, Mimi's Miracle Glutathione Customer

"Tangibly improved my mood and mental stamina
I bought these to help with the "winter blues," especially for the B and D vitamins. I was really feeling in a funk during this winter time. The next day after starting these I felt a very noticeable improvement in my mood and mental clarity. I work 12 hour shifts in the ER and I've felt a stamina all day today that has been pleasantly surprising. I highly recommend these."
- Mary T., Mimi's Miracle Multi Customer

"I just sort of stumbled onto this product and am so happy that I did! I didn't realize how beneficial humic/fulvic minerals could be until I started taking Mimi's Miracle Minerals. Not only is this more effective than what I had been taking before, it's much more cost effective too. A WIN-WIN for sure!!!" - Linda Tucker

"As my stepdaughter recommended, I have been taking Mimi’s Mineral with my multivitamin for a month. I noticed that it seemed to make my skins and nails grow faster and stronger. My nails used to be so brittle but I can feel the thickness was improved. My sunburn spot was cleared and replaced with new skins so quickly as well. I never expected to this! I used to take a number of individual vitamins/minerals on top of my multivitamin for my nails. I thought I am so deficient in necessity vitamins. But the large quantity of supplements didn’t show any result.
With Mimi’s, I definitely feel that multivitamin’s bioavailability has been improved. Not only nails and skins, Mimi’s seems to help enhance overall well-being. My goal is to reduce my supplements as few as possible and stay healthy naturally. Now I just started to break up the intakes into three times a day to see if the effect would further be improved and achieve my goal. I am looking forward to seeing the results. I’ll definitely keep taking Mimi’s!"
- Kaori

"It just flat out works!!
This is my 3rd time ordering this product, after getting my gene testing back and confirming that I have a homozygous copy of the mthfr gene therefor lack the ability to regulate glutathione production, I decided to give this a shot just to see if I noticed any difference..... and boy oh boy did I notice a difference!!!!!! Within days I had so much energy I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself, I took up yoga & started going outside with my kids almost every single day! Before this I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lived in bed practically. I won’t go without this product! I was a little taken aback when they changed the flavor of the formula but if you just keep taking it you get used to it so swear!"
- Tiffany Ane Jones

"You notice a difference when you don't have it
I've tried several multivitamins- usually specific to men. I honestly never noticed a difference, I just kept taking them because I knew I was supposed to. Not with these! I am genuinely bummed when I run out because they make such a difference each day that I take them. I try to get up early each day and stick to a good routine, if I don't have these in the cupboard I notice decreased energy and less focus throughout the morning as opposed to when I can take them. Highly recommend"
- Austin S., Mimi's Miracle Multi Customer

"Dirobi wt loss drops
initially just liked for the nice taste, was 250 LB, now 235
so I keep ordering it, ( along the excellent eat anything)
And I am a very critical person, do not like to waste my money."
- Kornel Lucas 

"Coping with stressors easily. Sleeping much better
Am 67 yrs old. Have SUFFERED with fibromyalgia for years. By day six I was off pain pills! This has been a miracle for me. Fibro-fog is lifting. Coping with stressors easily. Sleeping much better. Energy and productivity escalating daily. I chose this brand strictly because of reviews, not knowing that it would change my life forever! I'm now a believer."
- Kristin Ruggaber

“Pounds and Inches drops came along and changed my life completely. I loved the protocol immediately because the drops totally suppressed my appetite and I could manage very well on the 800 calories a day and still feel great….my blood pressure dropped significantly and I had to stop taking my blood pressure meds for the entire time i took the drops. The same result happened for my Asthma - no inhaler the whole time that I was on the drops. My sleep also improved so dramatically that I was now waking up with more energy than I had felt in years….they are totally awesome! I have had dozens of friends and acquaintances try the drops, and the general feedback that I get is hugely positive. I only wish I had found Pounds and Inches in my professional riding days. It would have helped me so much and probably extended my career…” - Jimmy Duggan