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Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™

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Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™

Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™ is specifically designed to be the highest quality, most potent oxygen supplement on the market today. Containing minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™ also contains Mimi's Miracle Minerals, a powerful Fulvic Acid and Humic acid complex with over 70 trace minerals. It is not only a great value, but is of the highest potency and quality. A supercharged vitamin and mineral product that is fast acting and natural.

If you are a fan of Cellfood drops, you ought to try Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™. It is an incredible oxygen supplement, packaged in a 2 ounce glass jar, instead of a 1 ounce plastic container. Liquid formula in a glass jar ensures optimal purity and longevity.

Cell Food is a great oxygen product for anyone who participates in regular exercise including runners, swimmers, bikers, climbers, those who do CrossFit, and other sports.

This product is natural, vegan, non gmo, and produced and manufactured in the USA.

More about Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™:

  • A superior oxygen, mineral, and nutrient concentrate, providing over 70 trace minerals.
  • Compare to Cellfood, but 2 ounce glass jar instead of one ounce.
  • Contains Mimi's Miracle Minerals Fulvic Acid complex, a powerful trace mineral product.
  • Formulated to be the highest quality oxygen supplement on the planet.
  • A potent alternative to Cell Food.



These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




Add 8 drops to pure water or juice and drink 3 times per day. Or add 24 drops to a large water bottle and drink throughout the day.

Product should not be taken directly under the tongue. It is best to mix it in liquid to dilute it first.

Store at room temperature. Does not require refrigeration.

Advanced Uses

Excellent as a pre-workout and intra-workout drink. Add 8 drops to a glass of water for a pre-workout, and 8 drops to your workout bottle for intra-workout. 


These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I used to use Cell Food, for years. Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel seems to give me the same benefit & is more economical.

Love Mimi's Products

Have tried several of the Mimi's products. Have been happy with all of them.

Nice Supplement

I have now had the chance to work my way through half of this bottle of Cell Fuel and can say it works. I LOVE the fact that it is a liquid you can put in a drink. I take a lot of supplements and wish some of them would go this way. This supplement is unique and tasteless. I fell like I have more energy and look forward to taking it everyday. Highly recommend.

Mims is a miracle

This stuff is the real deal! It makes water taste crisp and refreshing as well as tons of positive benefits. It's an all on one supplement that should always be part of your daily regiment. Just try and see how it feels, then go without it and you will deff notice the difference. Trust me, I do physical labor for work and this stuff keeps me cooled down and hydrated like no other. It's the best hydrating supplement I've ever taken and will be a lifelong customer of mims miracle cell food. P. S. And Yes it does help anyone who works out!

Best supplement I have ever used. Never leave home without it.

I am a men's physique competitor, in the last few weeks before my next competition. This is the time when I get the most tired because I'm in a caloric deficit, so I like to cut out caffeine for a couple weeks so that I can re-introduce it into my diet at this point for a little energy boost until I compete.

I mentioned to a friend that I was cutting out caffeine and looking for a temporary replacement, so my friend let me take this supplement and told me that it would be perfect for a non-stimulant pre-work out. I used it once and felt amazing, I can tell that this absorbs better than any pre-work out I've used, and it gives me a better pump!

I was amazed with how well I was able to maintain my endurance and energy without needing a stimulant!

After the two weeks of cutting caffeine out of my system, while using cell fuel, I reintroduced my regular pre-workout and felt like such crap on it! I feel so much better using this product. So I decided to buy a bottle for myself and I've still kept pre-workout out of my system and I have never felt better.

this is the best vasodilator I have ever used. I take it with me everywhere, it clears my mind and I feel a noticeable difference with it, and because it's nonstimulant, I can use it any time, and I do! Whenever I feel low energy I take 1-3 servings (depending on how I'm feeling :joy:) and it helps so much with my energy levels.

I keep a bottle in my car at all times. Haha I've even included proof:wink:

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