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"I was amazed with how well I was able to maintain my endurance and energy without needing a stimulant!"

-Jason, Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel Customer

Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™

Get clean energy from increased oxygen in the blood, amino acids, and minerals- all in one convenient dropper. Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™ is designed to not only be the highest quality oxygen supplement on the market, but to provide your body with the vital minerals and amino acids it needs to thrive at the same time.


100% No-risk money back gurantee

Enjoy increased energy and faster recoveries.

Packed with enzymes, amino acids, and 70+ trace minerals to help your body perform its best.

The perfect cocktail of boosting oxygen and providing minerals and amino acids to feed your body the vital nutrients it craves. Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™ oxygenates the cells of the body while the added Mimi's Miracle Minerals provide over 70 trace minerals our bodies need to be healthy.

The highest quality oxygen supplement on the market with the most convenient delivery system.

A supercharged vitamin and mineral product that is fast acting, natural, and bottled in a glass bottle for optimal purity and longevity.

Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel™ is created in a glass bottle in a GMP-certified facility to ensure that the product is as clean potent as it can be. Our dropper delivery system makes taking an oxygen supplement as easy as it can be: simply add 8 drops to any drink (or 24 drops to a large drink) and drink away!


How do I take Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel?

Add 8 drops to pure water or juice and drink 3 times per day. Or add 24 drops to a large water bottle and drink throughout the day.

Product should not be taken directly under the tongue. It is best to mix it in liquid to dilute it first.

Store at room temperature. Does not require refrigeration.

When should I take Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel?

It is excellent as a pre-workout and intra-workout drink. Add 8 drops to a glass of water for a pre-workout, and 8 drops to your workout bottle for intra-workout.

What should I expect when I take Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel?

Added to water it will not change the taste of your beverage. You can expect to feel extra energy throughout your workout and the day.  People often report faster recovery after hard workouts and more energy throughout the day.

Research: https://www.life-enthusiast.com/articles/deuterium-sulfate-history-uses





100% No-risk money back gurantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Leata Rich
Good Stuff!

I've used these products for years. I found this company, when I was using another cell oxygen product, but it was very expensive. I tried the Mimi's Miracle Cell Fuel, and found that it did the same for me, but it was more economical. I have more energy when I use Mimi's Miracle cell fuel! Then I started using the Fulvic Acid too. These are good products!

wonderful stuff

wonderful stuff, increased energy. plan on getting more

Great product

Tasteless and I love it!

Annette Howard
I love Cell Fuel

This is one product that I will start purchasing monthly. I feel the difference if I go a couple days without putting it in my morning water.

Nathan Sauvola

It seems to do the job


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